Nasdaq Showing Clear Signs of Technical Weakness

As we enter 2015, the Nasdaq has begun showing some clear signs of technical weakness, and today’s action is no exception.  The Nasdaq Composite is down more than 1% as we approach the close, while the Dow and S&P 500 are both down less than 0.5% so far.  With this stated, the S&P 500 is in the process of cracking through 2,000, which is also technically negative.  Within the Nasdaq, we are seeing the leadership names rolling over hard, including Google, Apple, GoPro and many other top performers of the past two calendar years.  As we move forward, it seems that investors are beginning to adjust their expectations down closer to reality, in terms of true valuations and future prospects for stocks.  The pending rate increases from the Fed, weakness across the globe in multiple currencies (including today’s move by the Swiss National Bank to remove their currency ceiling and lower interest rates, which was a total surprise to the ECB and other central bankers across the Euro Zone), the plummet in oil prices, and many other factors are taking a toll on sentiment.  Look for continued weakness in equities and the possible start to the long-awaiting (true) correction to come.


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