Shifting trends show that Millennials are living their lives differently from past generations and there are strong implications for investments

The following link to a very interesting article shows the shifting trends within the millennials generation that we should all pay close attention too when evaluating investments. These trends are likely to continue to develop, and future generations will build upon these trends, driving meaningful shifts in the economy. These shifts will drive many businesses into extinction, while others will grow dramatically, and still others will be born of these new trends. Some that I found most interesting were the trend towards millennials living at home longer, getting married later (if at all), having more flexible work weeks/working from home, and of course their propensity for shopping online instead of in traditional stores. The real estate industry is perhaps the more obvious of those affected by these trends – millennials, with their student loan debt and trend towards living at home later in life, will not be purchasing homes as early in life, if ever. Investors should carefully consider these developing trends and the economic implications of these changing consumer habits when investing for the longer-term.


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