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Thought for the day – make a list

Make a list of everything fun you want to do this year. Make another list of everything you want to accomplish. Put your lists on your refrigerator or on your desk, somewhere that you will see it each day. If possible, add milestones or steps you need to accomplish to achieve your goals or to get to do each fun thing. As you accomplish each item, cross it off of…

Lessons to be Learned From the Recent Correction

Starting in early October when stocks hit new, all-time highs, the stock market entered a correction phase that witnessed the major indexes dropping by about 20% from those highs. The correction lasted from early October through December 24, 2018 – a little less than 3 months. The volatility surrounding the correction, the uncertainty, the panic, and most importantly the rapid rebound that has followed, offers some important lessons for investors….

Bottom in Stocks Established – Onward into 2019!

Last week, I posted on LinkedIn and Facebook that stocks had set a bottom, and I invested my cash along with reallocating funds from bonds into stocks on Wednesday of last week (December 26th). This turned out to be very advantageous timing for my clients. Those of you who follow my posts know I held large cash positions and bought fixed income securities, throughout 2018 waiting for a stock market…