As with The AWM Long-Short Equities Strategy, The AWM Long-Only Equities Strategy incorporates all of our global economic and financial market research and analyses to identify major trends, including sector and industry groups that have the potential for outperformance. Once major trends have been identified, individual stocks can be selected that both meet our stringent fundamental and technical criteria, and that show potential to benefit from the major trends identified through our previous analyses.

Each individual company candidate is evaluated on its own merits, and also in the context of the total proposed portfolio. Every effort is made to only include those candidates that will be good individual investments, and will be complimentary to the other positions within the portfolio. Sector weightings are determined, based on our expectations for future global trends, and then closely monitored as portfolios are managed, and as market and economic conditions change. These sector allocations are adjusted over time, as our ongoing research and analyses uncover new global trends.

Since all of our portfolios are completely customized for each specific client, clients can direct us to focus portfolios on specific economic sectors, industry groups, and regions or countries. We will make every effort to incorporate each client’s unique investment objectives and risk tolerance into the portfolio management process, while also following our time-proven investment management process.

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