Every good business starts with a well-executed business plan. Without a clearly defined plan, the path to success if difficult, if not impossible to navigate. When seeking funding, especially in today’s competitive and challenging financial climate, it is virtually impossible without a well-written, comprehensive business plan.

Craig D. Allen, President of Allen Wealth Management, has over 20 years of direct investment banking and business consulting experience. He has written hundreds of successful business plans, allowing business clients to raise hundreds of millions of dollars, to execute their business strategies, and achieve success.

We offer a wide array of business plan options, each structured and priced to meet each client’s unique needs. We have partnered with SMG Business Plans (www.smgbusinessplans.com) to combine our experience and expertise with other professionals in the investment banking and business consulting industry, to meet every clients needs.

We will work with you, one-on-one, to identify the level of business plan that is best suited to meet your individual needs, budget, and objectives. Call us today to discuss your project!



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