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The Clean Business Investment Summit (CBIS) returns to UC Santa Barbara’s Corwin Pavilion Center on Thursday for the fifth year. The summit features 14 presenting companies, along with four additional presenters from local colleges and high schools, and a full day of investor round tables, discussion panels on topics of interest for entrepreneurs and investors, and high-profile keynote speakers.

Since its inception, the summit has featured more than 575 start-up and growth companies, with more than $110 million invested from private equity, venture capital and angel investors through the summit.

As the largest venture capital forum held in coastal California, CBIS brings together high-impact sustainable, socially responsible enterprises to present their companies to investors looking for viable, ethical Clean Business opportunities. Industry sectors represented at the event include clean tech, renewable energy, agriculture, technology, food and beverage, health and wellness, lifestyle products, remediation, water and much more.

Participating companies are carefully screened, vetted and mentored. They are provided with a platform to present to leading investors through dynamic presentations and industry-focused roundtable engagements with experts, investors, media and more.

In addition to the highly valuable exposure to qualified investors that presenting companies enjoy, there is a wealth of information available to both presenting firms and attendees from the panel discussions with investors, service providers and industry experts, on the funding process, legal, financial, and accounting regulations and requirements, and building successful companies.

Perhaps the most valuable component of CBIS occurs before presenting company representatives arrive on the day of the event: the all-day mentoring session. Presenting companies meet with Jerry Knotts, president and CEO of the California Coast Venture Forum — the organization that created CBIS — and a number of other investors, advisors and expert service providers to fine-tune their presentations. All presenters are required to attend the mentoring session to prepare their presentations, so that the format, content and length of the presentations not only meets the requirements of CBIS, but also meets the expectations of investors, to give the company the best chance of securing funding.

Over the years, CBIS has evolved from a California-only event to an internationally recognized and attended showcase for start-up and emerging growth companies. This year, we have companies coming from as far away as Australia and Ecuador. The expanding scope of the event has also drawn a much larger pool of high-profile investors looking for high-growth opportunities.

CBIS is a must-attend event of entrepreneurs and investors alike. Click here for more information about the California Coast Venture Forum.

Presenting Companies

Alta Energy

Comprehensive renewable solutions platform for the commercial and industrial segments. San Mateo-based Alta Energy originates quality, preapproved commercial and industrial real estate projects and connects them with qualified vendors of products and services through their established marketplace.


Wineries are required to purchase emission credits, decrease production or install costly-to-operate controls because of new air-quality regulations. Until now, technology did not exist to contain winery vapors emitted during fermentation. EcoPAS has developed a patent-pending technology that gives wineries a cost-effective option to capture these emissions while generating previously unrealized revenue streams. These revenues derive from sellable emission credits, relaxation of regulatory production caps and generation of a valuable by-product. In addition to being an environmental solution, and a source of previously unrealized revenue, the technology has profound implications for improving wine quality. The captured vapors provide winemakers a new opportunity to add back aromatics, alcohols and flavors.


Harnessing the nutritional potential of highly valuable, lost crops, Kaibae develops consumer-driven, premium natural products while creating economic opportunity for the communities in which it harvests. Founded by Dr. Luc Maes, a Santa Barbara naturopathic physician, Kaibae recognizes that internal health and skin health are intricately intertwined and develops premium products that address this soaring need. Kaibae introduces Baobab fruit from northern Ghana as the first product line. Baobab is about to take stage in the United States, providing health benefits superior to any fruit in the world.


Kiwa is revolutionizing the snacks market with all-natural snacks made from eco-friendly and socially responsible practices. Launched in 2009, Kiwa’s products are made using unique raw materials harvested from the Pacific Coast to the Andean Highlands in Ecuador. These materials are purchased from small farmers at a fair-market price, strengthening rural economies. Today’s consumers are more likely to choose natural snacks over foods full of highly processed ingredients. They are also becoming more conscious of the social and environmental impact of their purchases. However, the global snacks market is still dominated by products with low nutritional value and little emphasis on their social and environmental impact. This market can be disrupted by the great taste and socially responsible practices of Kiwa.

Locali Conscious Convenience

Los Angeles-based Locali Conscious Convenience is where 7-Eleven meets Whole Foods. Now in its fifth year of profitability, this eco- and health-friendly answer to the conventional convenience store model is seeking second round growth capital, expanding first in Los Angeles and then nationally via a combination of corporate and franchised units.


LyfeStart International is a social marketing company for nutritional and weight-loss products headed by the former CEO of Herbalife. LyfeStart will empower consumers in the United States and Mexico to lose weight while helping to feed malnourished children in other areas of the world. Innovative nutritional products will include LyfeEssentials Nutriesse Shake, Activex Total Energy Solution, Immunex Immune System Builder and Nutrinex Vitamins Minerals & Organics.

Mode Beverages

Mode USA Inc. is a manufacturer and wholesaler of innovative and healthy beverages. The company has been involved in the beverage industry in Australia for 15 years. Mode introduced Coco Fresco to the U.S. market in March. Coco Fresco is an all-natural coconut water and the first product to be introduced to the market by the company. Mode products are innovative, differentiating from our competitors through taste, packaging design and pricing.

Ojai Energy Systems

Ojai Energy Systems Inc. of Ojai is a rapidly growing, profitable and innovative technology company that designs, builds and sells a portfolio of intelligent, nontoxic, efficient, energy-dense storage and management systems.

Regenerative Real Estate

Regenerative Real Estate is a Montague, Mass.-based company dedicated to creating value by accelerating asset appreciation through the large-scale regeneration of depleted rangeland. The company’s proprietary acquisition-targeting process optimizes financial return on land regeneration and systematizes the discovery and evaluation of depleted parcels.

Repurpose Inc.

Repyurpose Inc. is focused on developing, sourcing, marketing and selling innovative high-quality plant-based compostable products in the consumer retail market. Its product offering currently includes cold cups, hot cups, lids and utensils and will expand to include trash bags, sandwich bags, pet care and baby care that are made 100 percent made from plants.

SweetSpring Salmon

SweetSpring Salmon Inc. is a next-generation, sustainable aquaculture company that has developed a proprietary breed of freshwater coho salmon. Coho salmon (also referred to as silver salmon) is a Pacific salmon species noted for its outstanding flavor and health benefits. SweetSpring is the only commercial scale producer of freshwater coho salmon in North America and sells its salmon, on a limited basis, to a variety of customers in the United States and British Columbia. Rochester, Wash.-based SweetSpring’s coho is ranked as “Super Green” by theMonterey Bay Aquarium and is the only farmed salmon system in the world to receive this ranking.


Turning to nature, Brookfield, Mo.-based Wash It Inc. has developed an advanced ozone clothes-washing system that does not require detergent and eliminates the need for hot water. Wash It is better for your health, the environment and your laundry. It’s better for your pocketbook, too! The company introduced the “Made in the USA” product at the 2013 National Hardware Show to much fanfare and was awarded the SkyMall Top Pick Award. Wash It Inc. is now opening new distribution channels domestically and abroad. The Wash It product is set to be featured on HGTV and DIY’s I Want That later this year, touching approximately 7,000,000 viewers.

Exhibiting Companies


» Channel Wind

» Conception Media

» Deadsea Global

» Helios

» Keep It Real Foods

» Liquid Investments

» Miles Outside Organic

» Sunspeed Enterprises

» t4 Spatial

» Three Times Productions

Presenting Student Entrepreneurs

» CraigFetch

» Design-N-Cut from Santa Barbara High School’s Dons Net Café

» Fertile Grounds

» iGot It Repairs

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