What happened to the Occupy Wall Street Movement??  Isn’t it obvious?  The weather got a little cold and they went into hibernation for the winter, spending the holidays with mommy and daddy.  This underscores the point that I have been making about OWS since its inception, which is that they have no organization, no real leadership, no real point, and are completely ignorant of what is really going on in the economy.  This “movement,” if we can even call it that, is comprised almost exclusively with a bunch of college students living off of their parent’s dime, skipping the classes their parents are paying for, to go out and show their asses.  They are weak, ignorant of the facts, and completely misguided.  I guess we can blame the parents for not teaching their children a little about the world and the economy, so maybe they deserve to have kids like these. In any event, I am pleased to see them fade quickly from the public sphere.  It will be laughable if they re-emerge after the weather warms a bit.


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