Every individual, no matter what their assets, health condition, future plans, family structure, or charitable intent, should have a well-conceived financial plan.

We offer a comprehensive suite of financial planning services to meet each client’s specific needs. We can also combine our financial planning services with investment management, by implementing the financial plans we develop for clients, and then providing ongoing management and monitoring services.

The financial planning process begins with an initial, in-person meeting, during which we interview the client, developing a profile of the clients unique needs, gathering all necessary background and financial information. A detailed plan is then formulated, to identify the depth and breadth of the client’s financial planning needs. While some clients may prefer a limited and focused approach, addressing only one component of their financial plan, such as investment analysis, others may need a comprehensive financial plan covering all aspects of financial planning, including investment analysis, retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, charitable giving, etc.

No matter what a client may need, Allen Wealth Management has the experience and expertise to develop an effective financial plan to assist our clients with every aspect of their financial plan. Call us today to schedule a free phone consultation, or a first in-person meeting!

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