For those investors seeking current income as well as those requiring a fixed income component to their asset allocation, we employ a traditional laddered bond strategy with an emphasis on allocating funds to the areas of the yield curve we feel represent the best short, medium, and long-term opportunities.

Great care is given to the analysis of the global and U.S. economies, so that all available information is integrated into the fixed income management process.

After the asset allocation decision has been made, and a full understanding of the client’s unique risk profile, tax profile, and current income needs, if any, are determined, individual bonds are selected which display the characteristics necessary to accomplish all stated allocation and income goals.

Bonds may be selected from the following general categories: Treasuries: Bills, Notes, and Bonds Corporates: Typically only from well-established firms and of at least “A” quality Agencies: Typically GNMAs, FNMAs, FHLMCs, etc. Municipals: Typically California GOs and those of specific communities with at least “A” quality ratings Taxable or tax-free money markets for the cash component of portfolios will be tax-free or taxable depending on each client’s unique tax profile.

Additionally, other securities may be purchased, given market conditions, client preferences, availability, etc. As with all other investment vehicles, fixed income securities are always managed as a complementary component of an overall portfolio and hence, all investment purchase and sale decisions are made in the context of the total portfolio.

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