Every successful business needs a comprehensive marketing plan. In today’s Internet driven world, an online marketing strategy is a must. Combining all of the elements of traditional and online promotion, marketing, and sales can be challenging. Working with an expert at marketing, who understands these challenges, and who can formulate the most appropriate marketing plan to meet each company’s needs and budgetary constraints is essential to success.

Additionally, many funding sources will require a separate and comprehensive marketing plan (along with a business plan), when submitting applications for funding, including most grant providers and foundations. While a quality business plan will include a promotional, marketing, and sales strategy section, a complete marketing plan is much more thorough, in-depth, and detailed.

Businesses considering expanding into new markets, especially international markets, are well-advised to develop marketing plans that provide ample market research on the new market, a detailed analysis of the customs, challenges, expenses, political risks, and requirements of the new market, and the possible options available, given the proposed budget.

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Our expert marketing professionals can formulate a marketing plan that specifically addresses your particular needs, incorporating all important aspects of the product or service to be offered, the scope of the roll-out, the timing of the marketing plan components, the geographic challenges, etc, all within the confines of your proposed budget.

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