Entrepreneurs looking to raise funding for their business ventures need quality presentation materials. Approaching Angel investors and venture capital sources is challenging and highly competitive. Business owners must put their best foot forward to make the best first impression possible. A poor presentation may make the first impression their only impression. We can build a concise, impactful, targeted “deck,” or slide presentation, which distills the most compelling information about your business concept into the appropriate number of slides, minimizing fluff, and maximizing your chances of securing funding.

Most angel groups will only allow to 15 minutes for presenting, and an additional 10 minutes for Q & A, so the most effective slide presentations are only 10 to 12 slides in duration. Compressing all relevant data and information into just 12 slides can be a daunting task for the novice.

Having a professional produce a quality deck is essential to successfully securing funding from angels and VC funding sources. Typically, we offer a deck with our “Gold” business plan package, and with PPMs. However, we can create a stand-alone deck for those clients who already have a business plan, or who simply want a slide presentation and are not looking for a complete package.

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