With maintaining personal and financial independence serving as the primary goal, we begin the process of developing a comprehensive wealth and life management plan by meeting directly with clients, family members, advisors and service providers—the client’s team, to gather all necessary information.  During this initial step, we clearly define all objectives, which are then formalizing into a written Client Wealth & Life Plan, which is then distributed to all team members.

The next step is to establish an action plan for each of the objectives.  For each, the most qualified service provider is engaged.  If there is a service for which there is not a service provider currently on the team, AWM will recommend one of our highly qualified partners, or will conduct a comprehensive search, based on specific criteria established to meet the client’s unique needs.

Once all service providers have been engaged, AWM monitors all activities to ensure that all objectives are being met on time and to the complete satisfaction of the client and family members.  Regular (at least annual) reviews are conducted, in-person, to update objectives, address concerns, and measure performance and client satisfaction.